Monday, September 8, 2014

Battle Riders Guides Cheats - Power Ups Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

To steer you can tilt the device, use the on-screen arrows or drag the joystick, depending on the control method selected in the controls options.

The steering sensitivity can also be adjusted in the controls options.

Your car has auto acceleration, so it will always run as fast as it can.

To slow down use the brakes. They are activated by the button with the downward arrows, or by moving the joystick down.

Use the button with the downward arrows, or move the joystick down to activate the brakes.

If you need to go backwards, keep pushing the brakes until the car goes in reverse.

Other buttons on the HUD are the pause and the camera buttons, placed at the top left and top right corners of the screen.

Also at the top of the HUD is a health bar and information about the race.
When your health is low a repair button will appear over your car.

For a short burst of speed you can use boost. To charge it up drive over a boost powerup.

Boost powerups are blue and they just appeared on the track.

If auto boost is enabled in the controls options your car will automatically boost each time you pick up a boost powerup.

If you set auto boost to off a boost button will appear on the HUD, so you can control the boost.

Drafting also makes you faster to draft drive close behind another car. This way you can take over opponents more easily.

The weapons mounted on your car are controlled with two buttons which trigger the left and the right weapons.
To enable the weapon buttons pick up one of the ammo powerups that just appeared.

When your ammo runs out pick up another ammo powerup.

Picking up a second ammo powerup with full ammo from the previous one will make your weapon deal double damage for a short time.

Machine Guns come pre installed on all cars, but you can but more weapons from the garage.

You can upgrade your car to increase it's top speed and you can install better armor.
You can also modify the appearance of your car with different paint jobs and colors.

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