Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rapture - World Conquest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Let's start by learning how to look ground:
Use a dragging motion to control the rotation of the Globe.
A two-Finger pinch or spread motion will control the zoom level.
A Flick gesture will cause the globe to spin.

Once the game starts, you'll want to begin expanding your empire.
Regions with a gray Flag are unowned, they are defended by barbarian armies but their Forces
won't grow or attack
To attack, select a region of your own, then top on the region you wish to attack.
The region you target must be directly connected by land or sec: crossing, and your troops can't travel through Foreign soil to get there.

You can select several of your own regions to launch a larger attack.
Sometimes you might wont to select lots of your own regions quickly, you con do this by double- topping on your own region.

Regions held by enemy civilizations will display their Flag.
Your own regions have a waving Flag, so you can quickly spot them.
Sometimes, you may want to launch a large attack
on an entire civilization.
By double-tapping an enemy, you will attack all of their accessible regions From all of your regions (regardless of the regions you have selected).

We'll now begin a tour of the interface, starting with the left bar.
The left bar provides boosts, army balancing and attack size options.
This is the Head Start power, it Freezes your opponents For 150 years giving you a valuable early lead, but can only be used at the game start. Later on, the same slot will contain the Rewind power, which you can use to rewind the last 200 years to erase any mistakes.
This ls the Production Boost power. It will increase your civilizations output temporarily.
The right bar controls your civilization's Focus.
From the top, there is capitalist which boosts production. Then theocratic which boosts mana and gives you miracles quicker. Militaristic boosts army production and technocracy gets Followers working on your tech level.
The top bar of the interface provides you with game information.
This ls your civilizations Flag. The number denotes your current rank.
The bar here shows your civilizations current tech level and your progression toward the next tech epoch. Below is your total armies and the current year. IF there is no outright winner by 2250 AD, the game will end and, the victor will be the one with the highest civilization score.
Civilization score is calculated From the number of armies and regions owned, total productivity, tech level and mana held.
The bar on here shows all civilizations ranked by their civilization score, the number on the left is your civilization score, and on the right is your total productivity.
Along the bottom is the miracle bar.
Miracles are performed by dragging and dropping the miracle icons onto their
target The gray bar along the bottom will Fill with red as your mana accumulates and more powerful miracles will become available to you.

Within a single game, your goal is to conquer the globe, or Failing that to win by having the highest civilization score when the Rapture comes. However, you also have a longer term goal of completing the missions that will be assigned to you.
Advancing through ranks and completing games will earn you gold, which you can spend to
customize the globe or purchase new civilizations or boosts.