Sunday, September 21, 2014

Legend of Brightness Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


  1. Double tap or drag the item to equip it on hero. Keep pressing on item to check its info.
  2. To equip an item, your hero needs to reach the item's level requirement. Be careful when you remove items from an advancing hero.
  3. The color code quality from low to high: white, blue, green, yellow, red and purple. The higher the quality, the more growth after enhancement.
  4. Weapon and armor increase normal ATK/DEF. You can find them from the drops in the battlefield.
  5. Horse and mantle increase skill ATK/DEF. Please entrust the trader in Shop to get them.
  6. Crown increases spell attack. You will get crown when you complete the daily quest after Lv.40.

Hero's attributes take great effect in battle.
  1. ‘Strength " increases normal ATK/DEF.
  2. "Technique" increases skill ATK/DEF.
  3. "Wisdom" increases spell ATK/DEF.
  4. Tap on "Strengthen" to change and upgrade your hero's attributes.
  5. There are Advanced Mode for higher chances of strengthening hero’s attributes
Hero Training
  1. There are two ways to increase hero's experience, train & stride. Please remember to upgrade Research to get more experience from train & stride.
  2. Use "stride" to prompt the fellows who are being trained to gain a large amount of experience quickly. It consumes gold or gem {unlocked for VIP5).
  3. When a hero grows to Lv.51, it is good to "Advance" him to increase his initial health level by 5 to 9 levels. Health level increases hero's attack and defense in battle.
  4. To achieve the best results, the level of City Hall must be 8 levels higher than the Hero advanced.
  5. After advance, hero will go back to Lv.1, but after training he will get stronger than he was before the advance.