Sunday, September 21, 2014

Phantom Rift Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

  • To move around, press and drag in any direction.
  • During battle, you'll perform a grab and pull out five random spell orbs from your pouch.
  • Select a spell to use by dragging it to the right.
  • Discard a spell by dragging it to the left, giving you a small amount of extra mana. Any orbs leftover will reappear in your next grab.
  • Once you've selected and discarded the spells you wish to, press the done button.
  • Each staff you equip has a basic attack, tap anywhere to use this attack. It's generally weak but doesn't use any mana, so use it often.
  • Battle Rating: This is a number out of 10 that determines how well you fought, based on how fast you destroy your enemies and how much you got hit.
  • The higher the rating, the more Energy you'll receive. If you get a 10 you'll also have a chance to find a new spell.
  • If you found a new spell orb! If you want to use it during battle, open the pause menu and select the spell pouch page to put in your pouch.
  • The Artifacts can help you greatly on your journey, though they will all require a certain amount of Energy to use.

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