Friday, September 5, 2014

A Battle of Glory HD Cheats for Troops and Guide for Android/iPhone Game

League Battles Qualification:
When a league Battles stars, you will be entering the league battles automatically based on the honors that you have at that time.
After the league battles stars, you cannot change to higher level league battles even if you get more honors.
Players in the same league will be divided into groups and each group will consist of up to 100 players.

League Battle Rules
1. When a League Battles starts, you can attack any player in the group of the same League Battles. But you can only attack each player once.
2. You will be attacked in the League Battles regardless of being online or offline.
3. You will be attacked in the League Battles regardless of having the active shield.
4. If you are attacked in the League Battles, the results won't impact your Honor count or resources. You will not get League Battles stars if your attacker lose.
5. You will get a fixed amount of resources in each battle if you get at least one star.
6. Your final ranking in the League Battles is based on the total stars you collect during the entire period of the current League


League Battles Rewards
1.You will win a fixed amount of resources if you win at least one star in the battle.
2. At the end of the league Battles based on your ranking in the League Battles you can earn League Battles Medals and Gems.

Troops Cheat
When you place your troops to attack the enemies town and you just realize that your troops aren't powerful enough to get atleast 1 star or if you want to get more resources or you just misplace them in wrong spot of the town, there's a solution for that. You can cancel that attack without losing your all troops.
This troops cheat will work on PVP and Missions. This cheat can be exploit twice only so becareful on your troops positioning.
Follow this steps

Make sure you have atleast 1 alive ATTACKER troop

Hold home button if you don't have multitask button then swipe it away to force stop your app
Double tap the home button and swipe up the app to force stop.
After you follow the instructions just open the A Battle of Glory HD app you can now have your troops back. 

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