Friday, September 5, 2014

Little Raiders Guides Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Upgrade Brunel's Builder Yard to gain an additional builder. Which will let you work on more buildings at the same time.
Food and Wood are kept in the storehouse. Unused Weapons are also stored here.
The Storehouse will store all of the Food, Wood and Weapons.
Tap the Mushrooms to add them to your Food stores.
Raiders will recover health and give donation at their house.
You can use an Amber to speed the timer up.
The academy will train your Raiders to take on different roles in combat.
When raiders level up they can use more powerful Weapons.
Be careful, Weapons, break if their owner is knocked out during a raid.
Items dropped in combat will disappear after a short amount of time, make sure you grab them.
Experience Points (XP) earned during a raids are kept even if you fail.
Look out for Health Packs to give your raiders a health boost whilst they fight.
If a Hero is Knocked Out their squad will run away.

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