Friday, September 5, 2014

LINE PokoPoko Guides Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What kind of game is LINE PokoPoko?
Players have to clear stages with a variety of different requirements
in order to save Poko Forest from the evil demons that have taken it over.
Make the flowers bloom to bring peace back to Poko Forest.

How do you play the game?
You eliminate blocks by connecting 3 or more blocks of the same pattern.

What are Gems?
Gems are an in-game currency that allows you to purchase Clovers and Cherries, items within the game. Tap the "+" shown next to the Gem count in the top right of the game screen to be sent to the Gem purchase screen.
Note: There is no maximum limit on the number of Gems you can hold.

What are Cherries?
Cherries are one type of in-game currency that can be used to purchase items, etc.
Please Note: You can hold a maximum total of 8,388,607 Cherries.

What are Clovers?
Clovers are like tickets necessary to play the game. You consume one Clover each time you play.
Please Note: You can hold a maximum total of 32,767 Clovers.

How long does it take Clovers to automatically regenerate?
Up to 5 will regenerate at a pace of 1 every 30 minutes.

What types of items are there?
The following is a list of the in-game items and the effects that they carry.
Apples: +3 to the number of times you can move blocks.
Arrow Bomb: Blows away a vertical or horizontal line of blocks.
Double Bomb: Blows away surrounding blocks twice.
A variety of other items with many different effects will also appear as you progress through the stages.

What are Classes?
Classes are a sort of title given to players.
The more flowers you collect the higher your Class will become, allowing you to collect rewards.

What are Item Animals?
Item Animals, once obtained, help grow Items for you.

I can't move on to the next area.
The door to the next area is locked, so you need to unlock it. Use FP (Friend Points) or Gems to unlock the door.

What are Friend Points (FP)?
FP are needed in order to unlock the door to the next area. You can obtain FP in the following ways:
① By sending a Clover to a friend (get 1 FP).
② By asking a friend (get 15 FP).
Please Note: You can hold a maximum of 32,767 FP.

What is the Cherry Stage?
The Cherry Stage is a special stage that you can only participate in once every 24 hours.

What are Missions?
Missions involve problems that need to be resolved in each area.
You can obtain a variety of rewards by achieving the requirements set for each area.

What are the Rankings?
The Rankings provide a system through which you can compete with your friends to see who has collected the most flowers.
As the Rankings are decided based on total collected flower counts, they will never be reset.