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Brave Trials Guide Cheats - How to get free gems: Hints, Tips and Strategy

Brave Trials Guide Cheats for iPhone and Android Game

Gems are Brave Trials’s premium currency. When you first start playing the game, you might not feel like spending money on Gems yet, and that’s fine! The Brave Trials Team understands this and has made sure there are lots of different ways to earn free Gems. Let’s check them out!

1.        3-Day Reward: You can log in for multiple days in a row to get Login Packs. On Day 1, you’ll get 10 Gems. On Day 2, you’ll get 20 Gems. On Day 3, you’ll get 30 Gems. From Day 4 onwards, you will get 50 Gems each day! If you miss a log in, you’ll have to start all over again from Day 1.
How to Claim: When you log in, a “3-Day Reward” message will pop up. Tap it to claim your reward.

2.        7-Day Gift: For the first seven days you log into the game, you’ll get another type of Login Pack. You’ll get 50 Gems on Day 1, 100 Gems on Day 2, 50 Gems on Day 4, 50 Gems on Day 5, and 150 Gems on Day 7! You don’t have log in for 7 days in a row to claim these gifts. Once you’ve claimed the Day 7 gift, the system will start over at Day 1.
How to Claim: Tap on the “7-Day Gift” in the bottom-right corner to claim your rewards.

3.        Daily Quests: You can complete daily quests to get Daily Points. Get 80 DP to get 50 Gems and 100 DP to get another 50 Gems. You can do this once each and every day!
How to Claim: Tap “Daily Quests” in the top-right corner and complete all the quests listed to get up to 110 DP.

4.        Arena: Achieve victory for a chance to get 10-20 Gems!
How to Claim: Tap “Arena” in the top-right corner, challenge an opponent, and then defeat them to win Gems.

5.        Treasure Boxes: Open a Treasure Box for a chance to get 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, or 50 Gems!
How to Claim: You can get Treasure Boxes while doing certain quests or by purchasing Bronze, Silver, and Gold Treasure Boxes from the Mall.

6.        Take part in Tapjoy’s offers!
How to Claim: Tap on “Buy” in the top-left corner and then tap “Free” in the bottom-right corner of the pop up window to enter the Offer section. Select and complete one of the many offers available to get the corresponding Gem reward.

7.        Newbie Gift Pack: Reach the specified levels to be get free Gems!
How to Claim: Tap on “Event” in the top-right corner and then tap on “Newbie Gift Pack” to claim your reward.

8.        Level-Up Event: Spend 999 Gems to purchase a Level Up Pack. With this Pack in your possession, level up to specified levels to get tons of Gems. You’ll get 400 Gems at Lv 15, 500 Gems at Lv 20, and so on until you reach Lv 50 and get 816 Gems. In total, you will get 4,666 Gems!
How to Claim: Tap on “Event” on the top-right hand corner and then tap on “Level Up Pack” to claim the reward you qualify for.

9.        Server Rush: Reach Lv 30 within the first 7 days of the server’s launch to get 600 Gems!
How to Claim: Tap on “Event” in the top-right corner and then tap “Server Rush” to claim your reward.

Let’s recap!

- If a player logs into the game 7 days in a row, they will gain a total of 280+400=680 Gems from the 3-Day Reward and 7-Day Reward events.
- If you complete your Daily Quests every day, you’ll get a total of 100x7=700 Gems.
- If you reach Lv 30 within the first 7 days of a server’s launch, you’ll get 750 Gems from a Newbie Gift Pack and 600 Gems from the Server Rush event.

In total, you can get 2,730 Gems for free. That’s $40 USD worth of Gems!

Mastering Brave Trials doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. You and your friends can embark on this grand adventure for free! And if you ever need more Gems, you can buy them in-game with a just few taps. Some Gem packages even come with with a 100% bonus for your first purchase!

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