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Galaxy Legend: the Guardians - Strategy Guide: Cheats and Tips for Android and iPhone

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Galaxy Legend: the Guardians Guide

How do I earn Cubits?

  1. Collect from the Citadel
  2. Earn from the Economy Officer in the Diplomacy Center
  3. Mine from the Dexter Lab
  4. Earn rank rewards in Arena
  5. Rush
  6. Challenge others in Arena
  7. Win at Galaxy Slots in the Dexter Lab
  8. Collect Daily Gifts

How do I increase my prestige?

  1. Defeat bosses
  2. Mine from the Dexter Lab
  3. Earn from the Prestige Officer in the Diplomacy Center
  4. Earn Arena rewards

How do I increase Tech Points?

  1. Fight Neutral Forces
  2. Challenge players in Arena
  3. Complete Daily tasks
  4. Earn from the Tech Officer in Diplomacy Center
  5. Win at Galaxy Slots in the Dexter Lab
  6. Collect Daily Gifts

How do I earn Dexter Coins?

  1. Collect Daily Gifts
  2. Earn Level Up Gifts
  3. Fight Neutral Forces
  4. Win at Galaxy Slots

How do I evolve equipment?
Challenging elite opponents in the conservatory can be rewarded with Plans, which can be used to evolve equipment in the Engineering Hub.
Each evolution will reduce 5 enhancement levels.

Sign in Daily Event!
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Active Rewards Event!
You can get rewards for each timer, so don't waste your time and collect those rewards!

Level Rewards Event!
Each 10 levels that you upgrade will come with rewards for your achievements.

Daily Rewards Event!
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