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Brave Trials Guide Cheats - Completing Dungeons: Tips and Strategy

Brave Trials Guide Cheats for iPhone and Android Game

Completing Dungeons is an important part of leveling up, but if you don’t have the funds to buy a pile of Bread, you’ll have to make sure you use your daily Stamina wisely. Thankfully, this guide is here to show you how to reap the most benefits out of every Dungeon you attempt!

To begin with, you recover 5 Stamina every 30 minutes. You’ll get 20 Stamina when you complete your Daily Quests, and you can also get 40 Stamina from each of the daily STA Boost events (12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00). That’s a 100 Stamina from quests and events, and when you factor in Stamina Regeneration a player can get up to 340 Stamina each day, all without using any Bread. That’s enough for 68 Dungeons! And if you ever need more Stamina, there’s also a chance of getting Bread for free from Arena Rewards and Duel Rewards.

Normal Boss Dungeons can only be refreshed 5 times per day without using any Gems. Once you’ve used up all 5 refreshes, you can spend Gems to reset the refresh counter. The first reset will cost 20 Gems, the second reset will cost 40, and the third reset will cost 60. Elite Dungeons can only be refreshed 3 times and their refresh counter cannot be reset.
Note: Do your best to complete Dungeons with a 3-star score in order to get the Trial Grade Reward. Some rewards include items so valuable, they’ll turn a pauper into a prince!

Each Dungeon you complete will reward you with two things: Coins and EXP. Different Dungeons will give you different amounts of Coins, but the amount of EXP you’ll receive from Dungeons is the same. Because all Dungeons reward EXP and Coins, the best way to approach them is to complete Dungeons that reward you items, too!

You’ll want to do Elite Dungeons as much as you can, too. 5 Stamina will let you use auto-complete 3 times. You’ll get at least two purple Faen Shards and two pieces of green equipment (low level Elite Dungeon drops) or blue equipment shards (medium level Elite Dungeon drops) for each completion. If you use Auto to complete the Dungeon 3 times in a row, you should be able to get at least one piece of blue equipment, and if you’re lucky, you might even get two!

Completing Boss Dungeons is a great way to get purple Faen Shards. If you have limited Stamina, they should be your priority. If you focus on completing them, there is a high chance that you’ll  get a Grade 4 purple Fae within 3 days!

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