Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LINE POP - Strategy Guide: Cheats and Tips for Android and iPhone


Hyper Blocks
They will appear when you create a set of four.
More powerful Hyper Blocks will appear when you create a set of five.
Pop hyper blocks for even more points!

Fever Time
A combo of five or more will trigger fever time, during which you can eliminate more blocks then normal.

Combo Gauge
Fill up the combo gauge to create hyper blocks that eliminate all blocks of the same kind.

What are hearts?
You need a heart to play the game. You get one heart every eight minutes.

Not enough hearts?
Get hearts by spending rubies or inviting friends.

Play with your LINE friends!
Invite friends to Line POP for more hearts and fun!

Friend's Line nickname maybe different from the registered library-name by yourself.

Leveling Up
You can get Score Bonus and Ruby when you level up.
You will get 50 Pop coins for sharing on your timeline.

League Guide
1.Score League
[Dates: Every Wed. 6:00 (GMT+9) to Thur. 23:00 (GMT+9)]
This is a League in which players compete using their game scores.
Ranking is determined based on your highest score.

2.Mission League
[Dates: Every Sat. 6:00 (GMT+9) to Sun. 23:00 (GMT+9)]
Compete the missions assigned and earn points. Ranking is determined based on the total number of points.

3.Scores earned while playing in the Score League and Mission League are reflected in the Friends ranking as well. (Please note that, however, scores earned while playing in the Friends ranking are not reflected in the League.)

4.You will be assigned to a League automatically based on your highest score.

5.You can earn experience points while playing in Leagues as well. Also, the record is reflected in the Weekly Mission.

6.If you participate in Leagues, you will receive rewards such as Trophies or Rubies based on the ranking position you achieve. You can check the rewards from the “REWARDS” button on the League page

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