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LINE Bubble! - Strategy Guide: Cheats and Tips for Android and iPhone

LINE Bubble Guide

Q. How do I use items?
A. Items are used automatically during gameplay.
However, you can use the Power Bubble by touching the [Power Bubble Shot Button] on the bottom-right side.
(Check How to Play for details)

Q. What happens when I’ve set an item but do not use it during gameplay?
A. Items are only valid when set when play is started.
If the game ends without an item being used, it will be disappeared. Be sure to use them whenever necessary during play.

Q. The names of friends listed in the friends ranking are wrong.
A. In LINE Bubble, the nicknames of friends registered to LINE are displayed. These may differ from names in your contact list.

Q. The carrot message sent by my friend is not displayed.
A. Up to 100 carrot messages are saved for one month. After that, carrot messages received won’t be displayed.
Be sure to accept carrot messages sent from friends right away.

Q. My score has disappeared.
A. Scores and rankings are reset every week. You can compete for new scores and new rankings every Monday.

Q: How come the LINE Authorization screen comes up every time when I start the game?
A: It may be caused because of the short of the memory on the SD card.
Please try again to play the game on the condition that the SD card has some empty space.

Q. What are coins?
A. Coins are received according to your game score. You can use coins to purchase items which can be used in gameplay.

Q. What are rubies?
A. Rubies are ingame currency which you can use to buy items purchasable with carrots and coins.

Q. What are carrots?
A. 1 carrot is required to play a game 1 time. You can receive carrots as presents from friends, and they will be restored as time passes. They can also be purchased with rubies.
Try giving carrots to friends as presents.

Q. What is a 'Pet'?
A. Pets have many different abilities to help you in a game such as score bonus or emergency escape. Each has different level of abilities based on their levels. All purchased pets will not disappear. All pets can be upgraded up to Lv. 10 with Coins or Rubies.

Q. How do you purchase a "Pet"?
A. Pets can be purchased with Coins or Rubies on ranking page.  You can also purchase them by clicking on <Summon> button on item list page.

Q. What does a 'Pet' do?
"A. All pets have 'Abilities' as default. Some of high level pets have 'Special Abilities'. Only the high Lv. 10 pets will have 'Max Level Abilities'.
Different from each bubbles, but Basic abilities can give higher score bonus or pet bomb effect during Fever Time. Special and Max Level abilities can give Emergency Escape, Level Bonus and additional item slots."

Q. Do I still get a chance if not purchased 'Revive' item?
A.  If you have enough Coins or Rubies, 'Revive' items can also be purchased directly on game-over screen. Please note only 5 seconds will be given to purchase this item! Do not miss this opportunity if you aim for better scores~

Q. What is Vacuum Bubble and when can I purchase it?
A. If you click on Vacuum Bubble, it will absorb and clear all the bubbles, which is good for you to get out of dangerous moment. This powerful item cannot be purchased at any time, it will be random. Therefore, you may purchase it when the pop-up shows up after the booster page and before the game.

Q: What are LINE Group rankings?
A: Members of a LINE Group can check their ranking against other group members. Create a group and you can enjoy competing with your friends.

Q: LINE Group members appear in the group ranking, but not in my friends ranking. How can I have them appear in my friends ranking as well?
A: If a member of your LINE Group is not in your LINE friends list, they will not appear in your LINE Bubble friends ranking. Add them as a LINE friend to see them in your friends ranking.

Q: Why are friends newly added to LINE groups not showing up in the game?
A: Newly added friends take approximately 30 minutes to be synchronized and displayed in the game.

Q: What is the Coin Stage?
A: The Coin Stage is a special stage you can enter when you collect enough Coin Bubbles. Pop as many Bubbles as you can to get Coins. You can only enter this stage once per day, reset daily at midnight (GMT+9).

Q: How can I get Coin Bubbles?
A: Coin Bubbles are coin-shaped bubbles that appear randomly. Pop the bubbles around them to get them.

Q: What is the lottery?
A: After the Coin Stage, you can play the lottery to get even more bonus Coins. The first try is free, and subsequent tries will cost you Rubies..

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