Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Efun-Tank Crush - Strategy Guide: Cheats and Tips for Android and iPhone

Efun Tank Crush Guide

Leadership Book can be gained by purchasing, attacking Resource site and events.

Fighting Power
Fighting Power can be gained by building advanced tanks, researching, upgrading skills and leadership.

Military Rank
You can get the reputation rewards by military rank.
The higher alliance level is, the more reputation you can get.

Reputation can be gained by decoration, attacking stages, alliance donation or events.

Honor is the value of the victories between commanders.

Troops Replacement
The first 4 class tanks power rating are the same as the related Tank Factory's level, which means the new kind of the tank appears, it is more powerful than the former's. But since the 5th kind of tank, all the tanks will be as powerful as level 58 for the fair contest between all kinds of tanks.

Attack Order
When attack stage and resource site on world map, the offensive side takes turn first. But when attack other player's Base or player who are in garrison in resource site, it's defender's turn first in battle.

If win when attack other player's base, you can get 10% of the unprotected resources from his warehouse, but the gross can't be over the max load capacity of your troops. If you win other player's garrison troops in resources site, you can get all the resource he collected, and keep collecting resource until reach you max load capacity.

Loss in battle
80% of the tanks that were damaged in stage and world map battles will be sent to the force.

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