Sunday, May 18, 2014

Scuba Steve Cheats Pearls and Guide for Android/iPhone Game

Scuba Steve Cheats

You can get unlimited pearls with these bug/cheat.
Just follow this simple steps to get your unlimited pearls

Pearl Bug/Cheat

  1. Play a single game.
  2. Collect pearls, have atleast 1 in order for this bug to work!
  3. Finish the single game by being hit by any enemies.
  4. Wait until you'll get your final score, gold, and pearl you obtain.
  5. Don't press play again, menu, shop buttons.
  6. Press Back button of your device multiple times.
  7. For every back button you pressed, you will get pearls depending on how many pearls you got in the single game.
You can use these pearls to buy/upgrade stuffs from the shop.