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3D MMO Celtic Heroes Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

3D MMO Celtic Heroes Guide


The stats page contains all the main pieces of  information about your character, including your character name, level, the amount of Gold and Platinum you currently have, as well as your current statistics: Health, Energy, Attack, Defence, Damage and Armor.

The four main attributes which govern your character, and which determine your character, and which determine your statistics, are also found here. On the stats page you can assign and commit the attribute points you receive from leveling up to these four statistics will change.

Strength determines the amount of damage your character does, both in melee and ranged combat. Rangers, Rogues, and Warriors will want to put points into strength.

Dexterity determines your choice to hit an enemy, as well as your chance to evade an enemy's attack. The higher your dexterity, the more likely you are to successfully hit an enemy in combat and less likely they are to hit you. This is a useful attribute for all classes, particularly those who are likely to be involved in combat.

Focus determines the total amount of energy your character has in order to use skills and cast spells. Druids and Mages will want to put their points into focus.

Vitality determines the total amount of hit points (health) your character has available. When your hitpoints reach zero, your character dies. Whilst death in Celtic Heroes is temporary, this is a useful attribute to put points into for each class especially those who are likely to take a lot of damage.

Each of these attributes can have an effect on the power of your skills. If you look at a particular skill it will tell you which attribute will then increase the power of the skill it governs.


The abilities page shows you all the abilities your character currently has and their level, as well as your Resistance, Skill Protection and PvP Rank and Rating.

Abilities represent your level of aptitude for particular weapons and skills. Every weapon and skill has an ability that is associated with it, and by acquiring an ability your character can begin to use their weapons and skills more effectively.

In order to gain an ability you have to visit a trainer. There are many different trainers that exist throughout the land of Celtic Heroes. Whilst some of them will offer their training for free, most will charge a fee. Most trainers will also only train characters of a certain class so you may have to search a short while for one who is able to train you.

When you acquire an ability it starts with a level of 0. However, this level will increase as you use the ability. For example, once you have acquired the Sword ability using a sword in combat will increase the ability's level. For every level your character has they can gain up to ten levels for an ability.

Resistances work like armour, as they reduce the amount of damage you receive. Each Resistance reduces a certain type of damage. For example, your Crushing Resistance reduced the amount of Crushing damage you receive. The higher your resistance, the less damage you will receive. You can increase your resistances by equipping certain items or pieces of armour.

Skill Protections provide you with a chance to avoid skills of a certain type. There are 5 different type of skills protection: each one helps you avoid a different type of skill. For example, Physical Attack Evasion will help you avoid direct damage skills which have a physical source.

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