Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bondi Band Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Bondi Band Guide


Character's doesn't help you in getting high score or earn coins. It is just a visual appearance, no additional skills or anything that can help you in game.

Power Ups

Single Use: Both 200 meters and 500 meters are easy to reach and yet they are expensive.
Upgrades: All upgrades are helpful and they are permanent. If you want to earn more coins, priority Magnet and if you want to have high score, get score multiplier.


If you really want to achieve high score, just finish three missions to increase your multiplier. You can also skip missions that is hard by using coins.

In-Game Tips

Use your double jump wisely. You can adjust how high your jump by holding the jump button, regardless if it is the 1st jump or your 2nd Jump. When you land at any enemy's head, you will bounce and you will be given an another jump attempt.

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