Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Smash the School - Stress Fix! Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Smash the School Guide

In Game Tips

Buy the "Fire Axe" weapon first before you can buy anything.

The more powerful you're weapon is, the more you can get coins in single run. "Upgrades" does help but weapons are more efficient. Some Expensive "Rooms" doesn't mean you can earn more coins, infact you can earn less compared to the default rooms. Outfits doesn't help you on getting coins, they just change your character's appearance.

How to earn coins quickly?

If you don't have fire axe, just earn coins by watching ads. It is faster to earn coins through watching ads rather than "smashing the school", unless you have a powerful weapon. 

"What's Next" after you got the "Fire Axe" weapon

Don't buy rooms, buy upgrades instead. There are five types of "upgrades" and these are your power-ups in-game.

Magnet: Increase Magnet Range
Party: Increase Duration
Speed: Increase Duration
Freeze: Increase Duration
Timer: Increase Play Time

Each upgrade of your specific power-up, will increase its cost. Therefore it is better to upgrade all power-ups first before proceeding to the next power-up level.