Monday, April 21, 2014

Bomb Buds Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Bomb Buds Guide

In Game Tips

  • Bomb Buds can increase their health beyond 100
  • Short, quick taps make the petal copter a lot easier to control.
  • Cowbuds have a 20% chance of scoring 50% more damage.
  • A zombud's health reset to 60 at the start of their turn!
  • Solar Buds earn 3 Sun Drops on their turn!
  • Destroy a Bud skull and get 2 sun drops!
  • Challenge other players via facebook, arc or random search.
  • Win multiplayer matches to increase your global rank.
  • Spend Bomb bucks on redews, maps, buds and jack pot spins.
  • Pirate buds steal 1 sun drop when they hit an enemy.
  • Kitty Buds never take fall damage!
  • Want to retry your turn like it never happened? Use Redews!
  • Fertilize the Jack Pot for a chance to win Pollen, Redews, Maps and Buds!
  • Zoom in to see through the smoke of smokey wood!
  • Earn Pollen by winning Campaign and Multiplayer matches
  • Use pollen to upgrade your buds and increase their stats!
  • Remember you can plant your buds in the ground.
  • The key to victory? Wisely manage the sun drops shared between your buds.
  • Each map has a unique feature for different strategies.
  • Take on special Challenges by tapping the bomb buds logo in the lobby