Monday, April 21, 2014

Smash Bandits Racing Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Smash Bandits Racing Guide

How do you control the car?
Press your finger behind the car and while it is pressed down, sweep it left and right to steer.

How do you use RAM?
With Ram equipped in the gadget slot, start a run, and when the cop cars move along side or in front of you, an orange pip will appear showing that they are in range to be rammed. Take your finger off the screen and tap the circle that appears over the rammable cops. Once tapped, the circle turns green. Press your finger back behind your car to drive and your car will ram the cop.

What is Smash Power?
Smash Power is your ability to smash objects. The higher your smash power, the more of the world you can smash! Upgrade your smash power to smash more!

Why is there no map to show us where to go?
The world in Smash Bandits is procedurally generated which means that it is generated at random every time you play. This keeps the experience fresh and exciting as you never know what is around the next corner. It also means that creating a map for you guys would be impossible.

Where is the Giant Axeman?
The Giant axeman can be found at the entrance to the logging camp in the forest section. He is holding a sign that says 'Logging Camp'. You need a smash power of at least 4 to smash it.

How does the Tank Stash work?
Once equipped in a gadget slot, the tank stash will appear in the game as a large green crate with flashing red lights. It usually spawns in laybys by the side of the road. Drive into the crate to activate the tank. You will have 30 secs of tank fuelled mayhem before you switch back to your normal car. You can activate the tank stash multiple times in a run, you just need to find the crates!

How do I level up?
To level up you must complete challenges. You have three active at any one time, once a challenge is completed it will be replaced by another. Each time you level up you will receive a reward. In the first 15 levels you will also unlock new gadgets.

I have a challenge to smash barrels on the end of the pier. Where is the pier?
The pier can be found in the city section of the map, it is a thin metal walkway that spits into a T shape half way down. There are barrels at each end of this pier. It is difficult to make the turn, but it is possible so keep trying!

How do you steal a cop car?
When you get destroyed in a run you are given the choice to continue your run by stealing a cop car. You can do this by pressing continue when the countdown timer appears immediately after you are destroyed - be aware that this costs a small amount of bandit chips.

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