Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spy Wars Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Spy Wars Guide

Using an agent costs energy points.
When all of an agents energy points are spent, that agent can no longer be used on the mission
Use your agent to take down the remaining stations.
Command center can be taked down if the station is destroyed.
Taking out a rivals command center earns you bonus rewards.
A jobs ends when you are out of energy, all stations have been disabled or time expires.
You can also leave a job at any time by pressing the home button.
Completing the objective and exiting when the home button is green, earns you a time bonus.
To win this War of Spies, you must develop your own team to find and capture the secrets of nations.
The first step to growing our agency is to build stations that can store and generate resources.
Safe can store and generate cash.
What is Cash? Generated by and stored in safes. Upgrade and build more safes to hold more cash.
Build an intel station to store secret data.
What is intel? Generated by and stored in intel stations. Upgrade and build more intel stations to hold more intel.
What are Gems? Earned by completing Agenda Items. Get more Gems from the store. Used to speed up construction and purchase energy points.
Use cash to hire an agent so we can take on some jobs.
Unlock mission slot: Gives you an extra slot to bring agents into the action.
Taking out stations gains you cash, intel and xp.
The total amount of funds you can get on a job are shown under 'Available Funds'
Let's use energy to recharge them so they can get back into action.
What is Energy: Use energy to recharge agents. Energy Pool recharges automatically over time. Build and Upgrade Training Rooms to gain more energy. Can purchase energy from the shop.

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