Sunday, January 5, 2014

Legend Online: New Era Guide in Money and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game


Gold is the most popular currency in the game, how to acquire:
1. Produced by Gold Mine in 24 hours
2. Claim by Alchemy(You can use 1 Alchemy for free)
3. Tax in City Hall (5 Times per day)
4. Various fighting rewards
5. Mission reward
6. Selling items
7. Claim by attending activities in the game
8. Activity Reward in Welfare


Diamonds can purchase items or other acceleration functions from the Mall, how to acquire:


Can be used as substitute of D to buy Acceleration in the game, how to acquire
1. Tax in City Hall(5 times per day)
2. Acquire by attending activities in game


Souls are a necessary currency for upgrading GI, how to acquire:
1. You will get 1 Souls if you lose 1 GI
2. Tax in City Hall (5 times per day)
3. By Assembling Souls (You can conduct 1 Assembling Soul for free per day)
4. Acquire by attending activities in game
5. Daily Sign-in in Welfare


Medals, a PVP currency, can be acquired by PK with other Heroes, and can buy defense Gear & Exp Tomes, how to acquire:
l. Solo Arena Challenge, whether you win or lose, the challenger will acquire the Medals
2. Reward in Welfare for Activity
3. Acquire by attending activities in the game


Dubloons are a kind of currency that can buy rings, accessories, crafting items and Gold  Consumption, how to get:
1. by challenging Devil City
2. Participate in activities in the game

Dues and Donation

Dues are a kind of currency which players can acquire by donating Gold or Dia. to the Guild, 1k Gold=1 Dues, 1 Dia.=10 Dues, Dues