Monday, January 6, 2014

Crazy KO Fighting Killer II Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Super KO Fighting II or Crazy Fighting - KO Killer 2

1. Tap the screen to unleash straight punch. Tap the left part of the screen to unleash left straight; and tap right to unleash right straight.
2. Slide the screen from left to right to unleash left hook! And slide the screen from right to left to unleash right hook.
3. Slide the screen from lower left to upper right to unleash left uppercut! Slide the screen from lower right to upper left to unleash right uppercut!
4. Tap the L icon to dodge left and R icon to dodge right!

Q1 : I know there are 4 characters to choose, but which one is the best?
A: Hank -- balanced type; Rock -- attack type; Tony -- speed type; Tap -- defense type. You should choose the most suitable one.
Q2: What is skill?
A: Combine different punches, such as straight or hook to release a skill. For example, straight-straight-straight =combo.

Q5: What is energy? How to get energy?
A: When energy is full, you get Rage, and Boxing Speed +100, ATK +30%, DEF -30%. Being attacked, defending success fully, dodging successfully, and attacking enemy can restore energy.
Q6: What is Potential? How to get?
A: Potential can be transformed to ATK, DEF, HP, or Boxing Speed. Getting S-level rate in train levels can get 2 potential points. You can buy potential points in Shop, too.

Q7: What to do if the enemy is too fast?
A: You can go to Training ground to train boxing speed or transform potential points to boxing speed. If the enemy is too fast, just defend and fight back when you have a chance.
Q8: What to do if the enemy's DEF is too high?
A: Buy new boxing gloves in Shop, or do Attack Training to get potential points and then transform potential points to ATK.

Q9: What to do if the enemy's ATK is too high?
A: Buy new armors in Shop, or do Defense Training to get potential points and then transform potential points to DEF or HP. Avoid being hit by the enemy and dodge him and fight back when you have a chance.

Advanced Guide:
1. Revenge State: ATK+40% and have 20% chances to make enemy Bleed.
2. Revenge State Acquire: being beated by the enemy last time; if you beated the enemy last time, the enemy has Revenge State.
3. Attack Damage: ATK-DEF+5 basic DMG -range DMG=final DMG
4. Chance of being Disrupted(remove defense state): straight -- 10%, hook -- 20%, uppercut -- 50%.
5. Hard Blow: some special enemies have this state; they have 20% chances to Blind you when attacking you, and 20%chances to Dizzy you.
6. Draw: after the third round, if the enemy or the hero revives, the game is draw. You will get back your Fist Note and get no bonus.