Saturday, January 4, 2014

World War X Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone

Get Money
Use energy to Run Missions to get money and level up. Most missions require items that can be purchased from the weapons store by simply tapping the required weapons icon. Some missions will also require large alliance size. You can build your alliance by adding alliance members in the VIP AREA or by  yourself in the VIP area- This is a great way to grow your alliance quickly!

Missions Mastery
Master a missions by running a missions multiple times. Completing all 4 mastery ranks of a missions will unlock money, experience points . Power up chest keys, and powerful items.

All missions have a chance of attaining loot items. Loot items are the most powerful items in the game. You have a 20% chance of obtaining loot when you complete a missions. Higher level missions have a 10 % chance of obtaining loot when you complete a missions.

Collections can be found by fighting different classes and sides of the enemy, jumping in new players, scratching players on the marked list, collecting from Businesses

Fighting is the fastest way to gain EXP and money. Use your stamina to start a fight on the fight page or on an enemy profile. Fight results are determined as followed:

  • Alliance size

When fighting you will attack with 10 alliance members times the highest level participant in the fight. example: if you are a level 48 player with 600 alliance members and you attack a level S2 player you will fight with 520 alliance members. If you have less alliance members than the sum of highest level participant in the fight x l0 you will fight with all of your alliance members. You will be able to see how many alliance members a enemy fights with in the alliance icon in a fight result.

  • Attack and Defense:

Upon leveling up you will be presented with the option to allocate stat points to your attack and defense stats. Your attack and defense total will be multiplied by your level. Example: If You have 10 attack points while you are at level 10 you will fight with 100 attack points. When attacking you ONLY use your defense
points and when defending you ONLY use your defense points. Your attack points and your enemy defense points can be viewed next to their alliance size in a fight result window.

  • Weapons count:

You can equip each active alliance member(remember active alliance member is equal or lesser than you’re the highest level fight participant x l0 with one weapon one gear and one vehicle. Example if you are a level 20 with 200 alliance you attack a level 26 you will fight with 260 of best weapons, gear, and vehicles.

  • Weapons Attack and Defense:

During a fight the game will equip your alliance with your best available weapons The game will choose the best weapons by their attack and defense rating. If you initiate a fight you will use ONLY your best attack rated weapons. When you defend you will use ONLY your best rated defense weapons. To be fully maxed out on weapons you must have weapons with the highest attack ratings AND the highest defense ratings.