Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Chef 2 Mini Guide for First 15 Levels for Android/iOS Game

Happy Chef 2 Mini Guide

In-Game Food Priorities at opening
  1. When at the opening of each level, you should ready your Pizza dough and Uncooked Pasta to be cooked by tapping them.
  2. Cook 3 of them as soon as possible.
  3. Ignore your first customer's order.
  4. Put three plates for Pizza and Pasta
  5. Tap Soup Blender to make Soups
  6. Put those cooked pizza and pasta in their plates
  7. Serve the first customer
In-Game Food Priorities after opening
  1. After serving the first customer's order, you should follow the first come first serve basis.
  2. When serving food, always prioritize pasta and pizza then followed by soup and lastly juice.
  3. When you are serving with three different foods (Main Dish, Soup, Drinks). It is a good practice to finish serving it rather than preparing new foods.
  4. Avoid serving others while your last customer are waiting for remaining orders.
  5. Only prepare new Main Dish when you are not busy or when you don't have pasta/pizza already.
  6. Prepare new soup when you have 2 or 1 soup remaining.
Upgrade Guide
It is better to upgrade extra coins upgrades rather than extra time upgrades. Upgrade your pizza at maximum star followed by juice, soup and pasta. In Extra time, it is recommended to upgrade them simultaneously.
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