Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Angry Birds Go Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Upgrade Guide for Angry Birds Go
The 4 types of kart upgrades are Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Strength. Prioritize the Top Speed upgrade followed by Acceleration. Top Speed improves your maximum speed of your kart while Acceleration makes your kart accelerate at short amount of time. Only upgrade Handling if you are experiencing difficult to control your kart. Lastly upgrade your strength if other kart upgrades are already purchased.
 Racing Guide for Angry Birds Guide

  • Slingshot: Release your slingshot at either at signal 1 or Go!. Otherwise your kart will spin and get a slow start
  • Shortcuts: Always go for shortcuts to get shorter circuits.
  • Abilities: Characters have different abilities, Use this as your advantage.
  • Memorize: Memorize the circuit well to be able to plan where your kart will be position when you are either going right or left.
  • Types of Races: There are versus, race mode, time boom, fruit splat, champion chase. Each races have different types of play, familiarize them and make strategies for it.