Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Little Legends Guide for Gold and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Little Legends is a fun MMORPG game and it will be more fun if you have many many many golds! But how can we get more golds? Since little legends has an element of time management gaming, we need to focus on that element to gain golds. Missions and grinding can earn you money but it needs your time and effort. However with production buildings, you can earn more money for minimal effort only.

Production Building Fast Earning Gold Guide
This guide is somewhat similar with other social games found on facebook such as cityville and other building games. The limitation of Production Buildings are your SPACE which is different with other games. Little Legends can also put your other buildings in to your inventory instantly and the only limitation of that are your inventory capacity. 
Expand your Village
Since you can put unlimited amount of Production Buildings in your village, you should expand your village to put more Production Buildings! Expanding a Village is expensive and it scales with your level. Prioritize in purchasing Production Buildings before you expand, this will be your slow start but it is worthy at your later levels.
Put other buildings in inventory
Not all buildings should be put in your inventory, only not needed should be put in inventory. Example: Currently you didn't put any of your heroes in training center, you can put your training center in inventory and replace it with Production Building.
What is the best Production Building to build?
There is no best Production Building to build because it depends on your game daily schedule. If you can check your game at every 30 minutes, you should get the Brown Roof House. If you can only check the game every 3 hours or more, you can get Red Roof House, Blue Roof House, etc. However I recommend to get Red Roof House or Brown Roof House because it is  more cheaper and you can easily get your Capital or Return of Investment (ROI) back. All production buildings gives 150 gold for 30 minutes but the only difference is some production buildings can let you get your gold for a certain minimum time required. The disadvantage of the Brown Roof House is you should check every exactly at 30 minutes to use its earning potential. The advantage of higher minimum time requirement Production Buildings is you can get its earning potential. An example of this is when you sleep. Normally we have 8 hours of sleep so to get the maximum potential earnings which is the 150 gold per 30 mins, you should get the Indigo Two-Story Cottage. The disadvantage is they are very expensive. Red Roof House maybe the best because it is cheaper and has 3 hours minimum time required.

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