Friday, December 27, 2013

Nightmare: Malaria Guide and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Jump Tips

To reach higher places or to move faster, you need timing and momentum. Just practice this tips and you can control your jumps and make few mistakes only.
  • Bouncy Ball Wall Jumps: Jump 20-75 degrees in to the ball, press the jump button once while holding the walk button. Hold the walk button directed where the ball you want to wall jump. After you release the jump button, you can switch your walk button at the opposite side to wall jump again or to land at higher places.
  • Run faster through jumping: If you are hunted by mosquitoes, you can run faster through jumping. This is similar with wall jumps. First you need to jump at 45 degrees. Before you land, hold the walk button to directed to where you are going. When you land, tap the button to gain speed for your jump.
  • Climb faster: Wall jumps and fast jumping combined. When jumping and facing an obstacle, tap the jump button when you reach at obstacle while holding your walk button. 
  • Float/Air Glide: Tap your jump button repeatedly while in the air.
Other Nightmare: Malaria Tips
  • Use mosquito nets as your safety ground
  • Timing is important when mosquitoes are hunting
  • Memorize the map
  • Always aim for three teddy bears