Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slot Revolution Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Konami Slot Revolution Guide

Each quest contains unique enemies to fight and different gear to collect.
Your goal is to reach the exit before running out of spins.
These are the HP (Health Points) for your team. If you or allies are damaged, your HP will go down. If your HP goes to zero, you are dead.
This is your silver coins counter. Coins are earned by finding them in your travels and defeating enemies. They are used to pay for gear fusions and evolving gear.
Golden Keys are very valuable for opening Chest and using boots to help you survive.
This is your loot. All gear and materials that you collect in a quest go here, and are rewarded when you complete the quest.
Pressing the quit button will take you back to the main menu. If you quit the quest, you won't receive any gear, keys or coins you've accumulated in that quests.
When you are on your quest, pay attention to the distance meter. You will have to reach the exit before running out of spins.
Press the spin button to advance your character towards the exit.
If you landed on the Boot symbol. it will move your team forward twice as fast.continue to spin the reel until you reach the exit.
In the battle mode, you can stop the reels yourself. Try to perfect your timing so that you can defeat the enemies.
Some boosts give you special advantages in a combat.
When your rank increases the max stamina, gear weight, or number of allies will go up!
Ranking up your character can raise your maximum stamina value and allow you to equip better gear.
There are 3 kinds of jobs: Warrior, Wizard and Ranger.
Each job gives you different strengths and weaknesses on the slot machine.

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