Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Heroes of Camelot Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Heroes of Camelot Beginner's Guide

Exploring costs Stamina points but the rewards are worth it! Gold and XP can be gained with each step. Your stamina points will replenish over time.
Each Card has a mana cost.
Your party mana total is used when entering a battle.
Every level up will give restore stamina/mana and unlocks.
To engage any enemy, you will need mana. All together, your cards mana total is 24. This is how much mana will be used to enter this battle.
After you defeat your enemies, you will gain XP, Gold and Summon Charms.
Use summon stones or gems to summon a card! Stones are found in the shop.
You can unlock additional teams when you level up.
You can upgrade your card with upgrade.
Enhance your cards to increase their level. After dragging your newest hero into the enhancement slot, you'll choose a card to absorb its power.
Collect all card in the city to receive rewards.

Heroes of Camelot Basic Guide


Card details include HP and ATK values along with Mana Cost, level,Evolution Tier and which faction the card belongs to.

Party Rank is raised by increasing your party's total HP and ATK, Enhance, Evolve and form Party bonuses to raise your rank!


Your will frequently engage in combat against bosses and other enemies. Be sure to fill your party with powerful cards and upgrade them to have the highest chance of victory!


On the world map there are 5 cities. Each city has been invaded by a boss, which you must defeat in order to unlock the next city. A special City Completion reward is fiven when all cards have been collected from a city.

Stamina points are essentially your energy needed to continue exploring. With each tap of exploration, a portion of your Stamina will be consumed. Your stamina replenishes gradually over time. Alternatively, you can refill your stamina instantly by using stamina potions found in the store.

Mana points are used to initiate a battle with a boss. The amount of mana points needed to engage is determined by the total Mana of your party by tapping party on the main menu. As with stamina, mana replenishes over time but can be refilled instantly by using stamina potions found in the store.