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Dark Reaper Shoots! Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Dark Reaper Shoots Guide


Browse through the stages by swiping left and right
You will be able to unlock new stages as you progress through the game.
Next, choose your level. Every Stage has 10-20 levels.
Each time you clear a level, the next level will be unlocked for you to play.
When you have cleared all of the levels, you can then move onto the next stage.

Potion, GowGow and Souls

You can choose to use a potion that temporarily boosts your stats for the upcoming battle.
You can buy potions by exchanging them for souls.
Souls can be gained through defeating enemies.
When you move, your partner, GowGow, will also follow you around the map.
GowGow is chained to your weapon so it will always be in your radius.
When you defeat your enemies, you can collect their souls, the souls automatically come to you.
You can later exchange souls for the creation of equipment, and for potions.


A different type of enemy decided to show up.
Depending on the enemy, their attack methods are different.
When your HP reaches zero, it is game over.
Dodge your enemies attack as much as possible.

Treasure Box

Enemy will dropped a treasure box. Inside treasure boxes are materials.
By collecting souls and materials, you can create new equipment for your character.
The treasure boxes disappear after a certain period of time, so make sure to get it before it goes away.
You pick them up automatically when you walk on them.


If you win the battle, you can get items and souls you have picked up.
Be careful because if you lose the battle, you will also lose all of the items and souls you have picked up.
To win, defeat all of the appearing enemies. Defeat the remaining enemies.
After you've won, you can now view the number of souls you have gained and what was inside the treasure boxes you have found.

Status and Equipment

In status, you can see your character stats, view/change your equipment, and create new ones.
Your equipment are split into 4 groups:
Masks, Robes, Blades, and Handles. By tapping on the names, you can browse through the list.
By selecting equipment, you can view their stats and see the requirements to create it.
You can also view the stat changes in the bottom left of your screen.
Red indicates that you do not have enough to create that equipment.
Find materials and build more equipment as you progress through the game.
If you do not have enough souls or have excess materials, you can sell materials in exchange for souls.
Find more materials in battle to create new equipment and make your character stronger!


By gaining skills, you can make your character stronger and learn new moves.
The skills are split into six lines from the center.
When you unlock the previous skill, you can move onto the next one on the same branch.
When you select a skill, more information will be show about it. Such as its name, requirements, and more.
Normally, the effect of the skills you gain are reflected instantly onto your character.
However, for the read " Active Skills" you must load them onto the slot. These skills can be used in battle.
When your skills reach above a certain percentage, the appearance of your character will start to change.
The goal is to get 100% completion.

Dark Reaper Shoots Cheats

You can earn Souls by consecutive login per day. This cheat will surely worked if your phone is not connected to the internet.

Follow this simple steps
  1. Exit and Force Close Dark Reaper Shoots! by going to settings->apps->Dark Reaper Shoots!->force stop
  2. Change your time/date, add your current date by 1 day.
  3. Open Dark Reaper Shoots! and get your daily login bonus.

Daily Login Bonus 

  • Day 1: 1000 Souls Obtained 
  • Day 2: 1500 Souls Obtained 
  • Day 3: 2000 Souls Obtained 
  • Day 4: 3000 Souls Obtained 
  • Day 5: 5000 Souls Obtained 
  • Day 6: 7000 Souls Obtained 
  • Day 7: 10000 Souls Obtained 

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