Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vampire Rush Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Vampire Rush Guide

In a vampire form when you jump, the gravity will switch and you will run either at the ground or in the ceiling similar to other running games like gravity guy.
Just tap to jump and attack it automatically kills enemies when in vampire form.


Tap to catch the cerberus rune to transform in to a cerberus.
In a cerberus form when you jump, it doesn't switch gravity but you can jump like a normal beast.
In a cerberus form you can kill enemies while running at them.


Get the Nightmare rune to transform in to a Nightmare.
In a Nightmare form you cannot jump but you are only running and invulnerable to any possible harm and will last for a few seconds.
After the Nightmare form ended, you will be back into a vampire form regardless of any circumstances.


Catch the Bat rune to transform into a bat.
In a bat form, you can fly by tapping to go up and release to go down.

In a cerberus form or bat form, when you pass a Holy light, obstacle or being hit by the enemies you will be automatically reverted back to vampire form.


Protection Rune acts like an another life, the Protection will disappear when hit in any form except Nightmare form.
The Magnet Rune magnetize the gems nearby.


Gems are the money currency in the game Vampire rush.
You can collect them in-game and can be used to purchase items in store.
There are, Resurrection, Magnet Rune, Double Value Gems, Nightmare Rune, Protection Rune, Bat Form and Cerberus Form.

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