Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zombie Diary Survival Guide, Cheats and Strategy for Android/iOS game

Zombie Diary Survival Guide

There are four locations, Prison, Street, Cemetery and Laboratory. 
Missions are randomly located at any locations.
There are types of missions, there are zombie hunting, time limit, running, training etc.
Every missions has a story and based on days.
Every missions has a recommendation of items for quick buy or offerwall.
Every mission has a task rewards of certain coins amount and blue crystal.
When you failed a mission, you can still earn the coins from killing the zombies but it will not display the coins in the result since it is for rewards only.
You can buy items from the shop such as weapons and consumables.


If you don't have plan to purchase crystals, just save your crystal for lightsabers.
Lightsaber's are useful because they don't have ammunition to maintain and it has a very high damage.
Consumable mech are useful but expensive, use your coins to other items.
Weapons that cost crystals have an infinite ammunition, so buy the most expensive.
Training ground is the best alternative to earn coins because it is repeatable.
Every Combo appears there will be a bonus coins for that and the longer combo's you make the more coins you earn.
Only buy another weapon if there are new hard to kill zombies and buy those expensive weapons that you can afford.