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DOTA 2 Riki Build, Item, Skill and Hero Guide

Riki Build

Introduction and Hero Guide for DOTA 2 Riki:

Riki is a stealthy hero killer and he is a hard carry. Riki uses his stealth to hide himself from danger or to scout enemies. Since Riki is a hard carry, you need to provide him a good farm to get a good items. If you have a good item build for riki, riki can kill any type of hero with a proper item build. This guide will help you to build a hard carry Riki. Aside from his killer instinct, Riki is a good ganker, silencer and a good chaser. Making him difficult to avoid based on his set of skills. Riki do have weakness also, his weakness are squishy, item dependant and items/skills that reveals Invisibility.


First Skill: Smoke Screen

This skill makes Riki a viable silencer, It has a 325 AoE Slow for 25% at any levels and It will silence enemy heroes if the enemy is on the smoke screen AoE. Initiate this skill to silence the enemy hero and beat them up with normal attacks.

Second Skill: Blink Strike

This skill is your chasing tool for fleeing heroes and it has very low mana cost and cooldown. You can also use this first and followed by your smoke screen. You can also use this as escaping tool, just blink to the allies creeps.

Third Skill: Backstab

One of the best passive skills for any agility heroes. It is a bonus damage based on the agility of Riki but you need to hit the enemy behind otherwise it will not work. This skill improves the output damage of Riki when the enemy is being hit in behind.

The Ultimate Skill: Permanent Invisibility

Riki's free invisibility, but it has a fading time of 1.5 secs for max level. It has many uses and this is why Riki is always being pick in Dota 2 game. This skill provides survivability, scout, gank, escape, chase etc, It has many possibility of this skill usage.

Skill Build:
SMOKE SCREEN 2/12/13/14
BACKSTAB 4/8/9/10
STATS 15/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25

Item Build:
This is not in-order, this is suitable items for Riki's Item Build

Poor Man's Shield

This item provides cheap block damage since Riki is a squishy hero. It is also provide agility that synergize well with backstab and gie bonus damage for early levels. This item can still be used in late game provided that you do have an extra slot.

Magic Wand

This item is good for Riki and synergize well with his Ultimate Skill Permanent Invisibility. While you are invisible, you can still collect charges from the casts of enemy heroes. Magic Wand is useful for squishy heroes like Riki

Power Threads

This item gives Riki a good attack speed and can change the attributes of the boots for AGI,STR or INT. For early levels it is recommended to change it for STR to boost the small Health Points of Riki. Phase Boots are good but Riki needs attackspeed and he has a good amount of Agi Gain per level for Bonus Damage. He also have a Blink Strike for chasing so power threads is better than phase boots.

Diffusal Blade

This item gives rikimaru a mana burn, synergize well with his skills. You can purge the enemy hero inside the smoke screen for more hits inside the smokescreen and after that your enemy hero has a low HP and Mana also. It gives another boost damage for Riki  and can cast slow to enemies that are fleeing.

Vladmir's Offering

This item gives your Riki an aura of lifesteal since Diffusal Blade is a attack modifier already. You can benefit it's mana regeneration and you can help your allies in teamfights.


This item synergize well with backstab. It has an evasion also for more survivability and attackspeed for more Riki Slashing.

Skull Basher

This item makes Riki a basher hero. Get this item if you have a fast attackspeed for more chances to bash the enemies. It gives bonus damage as well for more damage output for Riki

if you have any question on this DOTA 2 Riki Build, Item, Skill and Hero Guide, you can comment below ^_^ Happy MGU