Sunday, September 29, 2013

Treasure Mania Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Treasure Mania Guide & Cheats

In this guide, I will share one flaw in treasure mania game.
This one flaw can finished any level with 3 helmet or equivalent of stars in other same games EASILY.

Since it is so EASY, I can call this a cheat because this flaw doesn't require intensive strategy or any casual gamer can easily adapt to this flaw flawlessly.

In this strategy, you are only required to random tap in any block as long as you execute it very fast. 

To gain 3 helmets, you need a highscore, in traditional strategy of eliminating of blocks, you consume time to think what blocks are the best to eliminate. Since in treasure mania, this game has a time limit. 

Time limit in treasure mania has a flaw. The flaw is get certain items or you clear the first wave of the screen, you will be rewarded a bonus 30 seconds of time. Since when you do this random tap strategy, every blocks you destroy you will gain bombs and other items that helps you clear the block at fast rate thus earning you a time limit.

Also there is an in-game item that can increase your time which is the hourglass item. To get hourglass you just need to eliminate many blocks, same as how to get bomb, drill and lightning laser item. These bomb, drill lightning laser items helps you to clear any obstacles such as stones and etc effectively.