Monday, September 30, 2013

Thor Lord of Storms Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Thor Lord of Storms Beginner's Guide

Out of the three characters in Thor Lord of Storms game, Thor is more reliable and consistent because he can survive waves without the need of allies and this guide might help you.

Thor Lord of Storms is a game that has a controllable single hero and has an auto attack allies to help.

The game has an upgrades for the chosen character, allies, towers, items and etc.

In this guide we will only focus on our single hero "Thor".

Do not upgrade allies at early levels because allies can be replaced when you met certain level requirements for new allies.

Other upgrades except for Thor's upgrade, should only be used for thor's upgrade.

A single upgrade for thor will increase it's health points and attack

Every upgrade for Thor will last for many levels until it is needed again.

Thor Lord of Storms Time Cheats for Daily Rewards

Thor Lord of Storms can be played offline and since it is offline, you can manipulate your smartphone/tablet's time to remove any time limits in the game.

Follow this simple steps

  1. Exit and Force Close Thor Lord of Storms by going to settings->apps->Thor Lord of Storms->force stop
  2. Change your time/date increasing your current date by 1 day.
  3. Open Guns N Glory Zombies to make sure if it is working.
  4. To go back from your current time you need to have an untouched/unopened daily gift then follow the step 1, change back to your current date and open Thor Lord of Storms make sure there is no problem