Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nyanko Ninja Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats Android/iOS Game

Nyanko Ninja Guide

How to earn Gems in Nyanko Ninja

  • Through in app purchase

  • Gem Seeker
  • Quests
  • In-App Offers (Fastest but has a limit)
  • Boss Fight (Repeatable)

Nyanko Ninja Best Element

You can only choose one elements in-game but you can upgrade all elements.

Fire is the best element, it has Empower which increase your attacks, Gem Seeker which increase the chance of getting gems from monsters and Coup de Grace which increase the chance of dealing 2x Damage.

My favorite FIRE skill among the three is the Gem Seeker. You can only gain gem by buying it from the appstore, gems in mission and free gems by app offers. You need trainers or items that can kill multiple enemies for more chance of getting gems.

Upgrade your Coup de grace atleast at level 2 for 10% chance. The rest should be prioritize for Gem Seeker.

Nyanko Ninja Best Trainer 

Illusion is the best trainer because it's damage is based on percentage of your attack. When you upgrade your attack, you're illusion will benefit from your attack. Increasing the level of illusion will increase it's attack percentage of your attacks. It is very useful and more efficient when facing a boss.

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