Monday, September 30, 2013

Snow White Cafe Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Snow White Cafe Upgrade Guide

Coins are for upgrades for table and workers.
Diamonds are only for additional workers.
Do not use your diamonds on consumable, they only help on current level.
Your first upgrades must go to your workers.
Workers improve services for overall tables and cashier.
Stop improving your workers when it cost 3000+ coins and only upgrade when your worker's cost is equivalent to table costs.
Upgrade your table equally, avoid improving a single table.
When upgrading a table, you should upgrade all tables before you can upgrade others.
You can get diamonds by consecutive 5 days login, through in app purchase, in app offers, slot machine, daily quest and most importantly in-game.

Snow White Cafe Time Cheats.

Snow White Cafe has a time counter for 9 hours for quest (When all quests are finished) and a 1 day for daily login bonus
Snow White Cafe can be played offline and since it is offline, you can manipulate your smartphone/tablet's time to remove any time limits in the game.

Follow this simple steps
  1. Exit and Force Close Snow White Cafe by going to settings->apps->Snow White Cafe->force stop
  2. Change your time/date, it is more easier if you change your date by increasing your current date by 1 day instead of changing the time.
  3. Open Snow White Cafe to make sure if it is working.
To go back at your current time follow this simple steps
  1. Exit and force close Snow White Cafe.
  2. Change your time into your current time and date.
  3. Open Snow White Cafe to make sure that there are no problems.