Friday, September 6, 2013

Star Wars Force Collection Guide, Tips, Crystals Cheats for Android/IOS game

Star Wars Force Collection Guide

Force Level

Your force level will increase as you earn and gt stronger with the force.
The higher your force level, the more privileges you receive.


The force balance shows which side of the force you folow.
Your balance will gradually change as you make decisions in battles and quest.


Honor represents the accomplishments you've made.
You will gain honor as you win battles and complete quests.
The more honor you gain, the higher you will rise in the jedi or sith hierarchy.


You will gain levels as you receive experience, as you gain levels, you will receive stat points.
Distribute stat points to increase your maximum energy points (EP) and your formation capacity (CAP).

Energy Points

You cannot go on quests if your out of EP.
1 EP automatically recovers every minute.


Your capacity represents your formation limit.
You can place cards and vehicles as long as their cost total does not exceed your cap.

Battle Points

Battle Points(BP) indicate how many times you can attack other players in battle mode.
Each attack consumes 2 BP (4BP when looting blueprint pieces). You cannot battle other players if you do not have enough BP.
You will recover 1 BP every 15 minutes.
Maximum BP will increase as your Force level increases when you earn honor.

Ally points

Use your ally points (AP) to draw cards from Ally point card packs.
The maximum amount of ally points you can stock is 30000 AP


Crystals are hard currency that can be purchased using real money.
Crystal can be used to recover EP and BP, cut the building time of vehicles, and Enhance your cards.

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