Thursday, September 5, 2013

Totem Runner Guide, Tips, Unlock Levels, Cheats for Android/Ios game

Totem Runner Guide

Totem Runner Introduction

The runner of totem must control the life of the world. In order to control the new life in the world, he must run and collect gems to learn the hidden force. You have totem to transform into an eagle and a rhino. You should protect the life of the world from the demon and it's summons. When you collect enough gems, you have the control to summon your ancient force

Tips in-game

Avoid using your totem transformations all the time to avoid being confront by the demon.
if you see him, just run without totem transformation and he will go away.

Just turn into a running rhino if these following scenario will happen.

- Cutting vines and other obstacles.
- Being chased by shuriken.
- Killing demon archers.

Just turn into a flying eagle if these following scenario will happen.

- No running groud or Cliffs.
- Collapsing bridge.
- Avoid shuriken.

To unlock those other levels, buy those using your google play account. It is worth it and please support developers

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