Friday, September 6, 2013

Pet Alliance Beginner's Guide for Android/iOS game

Pet alliance is a like a pokemon game. You need to train your pets to become stronger and powerful.

You can choose one pet out of three starting pets.

The three starting pets are Pinsis the water pet, onias the leaf pet and fabby the fire pet.

After getting the pet eggs, you can hatch it in pet center.

To hatch the egg immediately, you need nutrition food or else you need to wait the hatching time of the egg.

After it hatch, you will play a mini game and if you succeed you can now get your new pet

You can only rename a pet once a day

Every quest you finished, you will get rewards like tarot cards.

Every pets level up there will be an increase of hp, attack, defense, magic resist and speed.

Tarot cards are needed to access the gashapon machine.

You can exchange your tarot cards in a gashapon machine for a chance to get a pet egg.

Normal areas are easy compared to heroic areas.
Pets will get new skills if they met the skill level requirement.

Booklet is similar with pokedex, it has the information of all pets.

Skill guide is to upgrade a pets skills.

Golden eggs are most powerful eggs, followed by purple, blue, green and white in order

Put your strongest egg in formation to save time in battle.

Press skip for fast leveling up but you should beat the enemies pet's first before you can do that.

Rated battles are just like ranking pvp system.

Here is my Pet Alliance beginner's guide. I may add new content in this post if I had to but wait for my full guide.

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