Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug! Answers Guides Tips Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Level 1
Raining Money
Unlimited Cats

Level 2
The sun is pissed off the this evening
Buildings going for a new look
Other people have boundary issues

Level 3
The floor is literally lava
General objects ignoring gravity
life has never sounded so glitchy]

Level 4
I have amasses a clone army
I cant shut up
Oap have discovered flight

Level 5
Anti social cars
Everything is blue
Giant pits of doom

Level 6
Buildings are made of rubber
Everybody fires laser beam

Update: Oct 2 2013
More updates to come

Google play Link: http://j.gs/710859/sir-id-like-to-report-a-bug