Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pocket Trains Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats Android/iOS

Pocket Trains Beginner's Guide.

Press The Train list button to see all your trains.
Trains can pick up jobs in each city.
Tap the job to load it onto your train.
Only one train can operate on each rail section.
Use the boost button to get the train to it's destination
To expand your empire, build some new track in between to cities.
Building a track from city to another city will cost coins.
Train parts are found in crates. Creates show up in cities like other jobs.
Turn some parts into a new engine.
To claim a section of track for the new engine, tap the jobs and send it to specific city to claim
You can own a track section if there is no currently owned by any train and it cost coins

Pocket Trains Time Cheats.

Pocket Trains can be played offline and since it is offline, you can manipulate your smartphone/tablet's time to remove any time limits in the game.

Follow this simple steps
  1. Exit and Force Close Pocket Trains by going to settings->apps->Pocket Trains->force stop
  2. Change your time/date, it is more easier if you change your date by increasing your current date by 1 day instead of changing the time.
  3. Open Pocket Trains to make sure if it is working.
To go back at your current time follow this simple steps
  1. Exit and force close Pocket Trains.
  2. Change your time into your current time and date.
  3. Open Pocket Trains to make sure that there is no problems.
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