Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guns N Glory Zombies Guide, Tips and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Guns N Glory Zombies Beginner's Guide

Thy Spicy hotness improves attacks, makes your girls Invulnerable and Heals wounds!
Tapping Chili for three times amplifies your attacks.
Zombies attacks buildings, you can repair the barricades with TOOLS
You can either drag or double tap the girls to go to a destination.
Zombies takes more damage when they're a flamed.
Sonic rifle has the highest chance to deal Critical damage and make their heads explode.
You can zoom in and out.
You can fast forward by tapping the fast forward button at the upper right side.
Tap the gifts to get rewards.
Look for chili cans to receive 1 chili effect in all girls.
The plague can spread to the other districts if you don't take action!
Play at least once every 24 hours and preferably fight in threatened areas to stop an infestation from increasing severity!
Clear recently infested streets to stop the plague from spreading further or clear again streets that became reinfected to release blocked stars!
You can use candy to buy upgrades for your girls at the mall.
Each girl has unique abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded with the girl's favorite candy.
In  other shop you can obtain useful tools and upgrade your weapons.
Collect weapon parts or buy them at the mall to increase the next weapon attribute!
Tools: Repair damaged houses and build barricades to stop the horde
Chili: Grants more power. more effects, more weapon force. more pain resistance and heals your girls!
Z-Virus Antidote: Can be used to temporarily contain an active plague permanently.
Mr. Sparkles, the nice pug next door, is constantly digging for useful items in real time.hujh
You can gain free Z-Bucks by completing game offers.

Guns N Glory Zombies Time Cheats for Free Gifts

Guns N Glory Zombies can be played offline and since it is offline, you can manipulate your smartphone/tablet's time to remove any time limits in the game.

Follow this simple steps

  1. Exit and Force Close Guns N Glory Zombies by going to settings->apps->Guns N Glory Zombies->force stop
  2. Change your time/date, it is more easier if you change your date by increasing your current date by 1 day instead of changing the time.
  3. You will receive a notification from Guns N Glory Zombies (Not all the time but it is fine).
  4. Uncheck the show notification in settings->apps->Guns N Glory Zombies
  5. Open Guns N Glory Zombies to make sure if it is working.
  6. Exit and force close Guns N Glory Zombies and recheck your show notification.
  7. To go back from your current time you need to have an untouched/unopened free gift then follow the step 1, change back to your current date and open Guns N Glory Zombies make sure there is no problem