Friday, September 27, 2013

Pocket Ninjas Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS

Pocket Ninjas Guide

There are 4 arenas to choose from, Dojo, Slaughter, Dark Forest and Red Samurai Scene.
There are 3 playable modes, the classic, arcade and shuriken showdown.

Classic Mode
Cut, Slice, and Decapitate your enemies as to fend them off as long as you can. Because that's what ninjas do!!! Earn a coin for every wave survived!

Arcade Mode
Earn as many points as you can in 60 seconds plus an additional coin for every 10 seconds survived.
Last the entire minute and you will earn a 10 coin bonus

Shuriken Showdown
Deflect as many shurikens as you can with no armor or powerups!
Earn a coin for every 5 deflections

Classic mode is the best mode to earn more coins rather than arcade and shuriken showdown.
In arcade mode, you can earn only the maximum potential coins when you survived for 60 secs. Additionally you will only have 1 life regardless of your attributes. In classic mode you can earn coins greater than arcade as long as you can survive wave 5. Shuriken showdown is just a waste of time as you only earn 1 coins for every deflections you made.

There are 4 items to get and equip, these are masks, bodies, swords and consumable.

Ninja Masks
Changing your pocket ninjas mask doesn't just change the way they look but can also add additional abilities to your pocket ninja.

Ninja Bodies
If you don't dress like a ninja, how can you expect to feel like a ninja? Updating your gear not only keeps you looking sleek but can change the way you do battle!

Arming your pocket ninja with the right weapon could be the difference between victory and defeat!

Items Consumables
Items can help you survive longer or kill more enemies! once you run out of an item you can purchase more!

Changing items are very costly and some abilities don't help you to gain more coins. Our goal is how to get the most powerful items in the game. Avoid purchase many items as it will delay your goal to get powerful items. Just buy 1 cheap item for each masks, bodies and swords that is useful through out the game.

You need to prioritize swords as swords definitely help you slice efficiently and earn more coins.
Buy Machete: 250 coins.
Machete is good, it has a balanced of sharpness and size.
Next is the armor because armor are slightly better than masks.
Buy Yellow Jumpsuit: 100 coins.
Yellow Jumpsuit gives you speed, speed is better than "earn 1 coin for every XXX" because you can already earn coin by just slicing enemies. Yellow Jumpsuit is better in armor that have 500 range cost.
Mask gives you good attributes and skills but only high costs masks have that.
Buy Psychotic Ninja: 250 coins
The only cheap mask that have a good attributes is the Psychotic Ninja.
After you brought the first three items, you can now save for your 1 ultimate items for each swords, masks and armors/bodies.

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