Friday, September 27, 2013

Lumber Jacked Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Lumber Jacked Guide

How to perform wall jump correctly in lumber jacked.

  1. When you jump to the wall, prepare your left thumb them in the opposite direction
  2. Press the jump and the opposite direction at the same time when you hit the wall.
  3. After performing the wall jump, just prepare your leftt thumb similar in step 1.
  4. Just repeat the step until you reach at the top.

What to do when you wall jump to the cliff (Near at the top)

  1. Instead of pressing your left thumb to your opposite direction, just jump to your previous direction where the cliff is and either by double jump or jump with charge punch.

Other tricks for wall jump for lumber jack

  1. You can jump with charge to the wall to gain momentum for your opposite wall (Kinda Hard)
  2. Double jump before you wall jump to the wall is more faster to go up but you need a lot of space to do that.
  3. Jump to the same direction, It is slow but surely 
  4. Jump in the wall normally but your next jump will have a charge punch. This trick is useful when the wall is too short.

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