Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Galaxy Defense TD Guide, Tips and Coin Cheats for Android/iOS Game

How to get most of your coins in Galaxy Defense TD for Android/iOS Game

There are three kinds of skills you can choose to upgrade it.

It can improve your buildings, Increase your max power, Speeds Up power auto-recovery, Increase alloy value, improve your EMP and improve your shields.

This will improve your specific towers such as cannon, machine gun, flame tower, alloy factory, laser and rocket launcher.

Powerful props help you win the battle (Unlock after normal level 4-1)

Not all upgrades cost coins but some of upgrades cost gems.
Upgrades that costs gems are slightly better than coins.
You can get gems by buying it from the app and by getting stars from each level.
You can get FREE COINS by tapping the (+) and the Free at the same spot of  (+) and download some app to earn coins.

It is more practical to upgrade your general upgrades because general upgrades will help you in all levels and any kind of enemies you encounter.
Tower upgrades can only improve your tower one at a time and since some towers are strong in specific levels and some towers are weak in other levels.
Props are your consumable items and consumable items will help you on your current level since consumables will be disappear after using it.

Prioritize general upgrades since general upgrades will be useful throughout the game. Only upgrade towers if your know the strength/weakness of it and if you think that this specific tower is useful until the late levels of the game. Don't use consumable items as it will only help you to pass the current level, your next level will be more harder. Instead of getting consumable items, just upgrade your tower that is strong or useful in your current level.

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