Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Command and Conquer: Red War Guide, Tips, Cheats Android/iOS Game

Command and Conquer: Red War Beginner's Guide

Damage buildings will reduce working efficiency.
You need to spend a certain time to repair your damaged buildings.
Resource reward can be obtained after completing the mission.
Upgrade Oil Pump and metal factory can increase their respective resource production.
In order to ensure that all buildings work properly, you need to provide sufficient power.
Upgrade power plant to enhance electricity supply.
Build Academy to upgrade more advanced arms.
Upgrading your buildings, your army, your weapon center to make you become stronger!

Command and Conquer: Red War Combat Tips

Command center can store resources. If it is destroyed, 20% of it's resources will get lost.
Power plant provides electricity. If the power is not sufficient, the function of other construction will drop significantly.
If oil pump and metal factory is destroyed, they will loose 100% of their resources.
Airforce Units can be unlocked in the tech center.
The combat drill room is not meant for real "Exercise" but for real attack.
Weapons center produces components which work on all the arms.
Gun turret can attack ground and air units. It has outstanding effect for air attack but it is scared of tank units.
Mortar tower is extremely cruel. The only thing they are affraid of is aircraft. So it is advisable to put Gun turrets besides mortar tower.
Do remember to put soldiers into the bunker otherwise it will be a great loss for it's quality life as it is helpful for defense.
The wall is to prevent players putting soldiers directly near your buildings.

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