Thursday, September 26, 2013

Battle Run Guide, Tips, Coin Diamond Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Battle Run Guide


  • Tap anywhere to jump
  • Use weapons you collect
  • Get on your Ride

You'll get 1 coin for every 10 stars collected
Connect with facebook and play with your friends.
Register an account to backup your progress.
Collect coins charge up and use your ride.
Different characters own different sets of weapon.
Choose your own look.
Collect weapons from mystery boxes.use them to gain an advantage.
Winners are rewarded with more pooints to move up the league.
Level up to improve your weapon strength.
Tap anywhere to jump, tap twice to double jump.
Sign up with facebook for free 100 diamonds.
1st place gets 80 bonus coins.
2nd place get 50 bonus coins.
3rd place get 30 bonus coins.
4th place gets 10 bonus coins.
Every level up, there will be a reward.
No kitty cats were hurt making this game.

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