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Excalibur Knights of the King Guide, Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Excalibur Knights of the King Guide

Their strength and will were forged in the cold, unforgiving wilderness. England is in turmoil, and they've chosen to bring peace and stability with their steel. A melee specialist, knights deal massive damage amounts of physical damage with powerful blows. Born to lead
They possess stealthy attacks, able to mortally wound opponents with silent, critical strikes. Comfortable taking down a lone traitor, or an entire enemy lot. A melee specialist, assassins have a high crit rate that can cause devastating amounts of damage. A surgical, strategic killer.

Masters of the elements, their powerful spiritual energies can be used to heal or to destroy! A ranged magic attack specialist, wizards dole out desolating strikes from afar, taking down enemies from anywhere on the battlefield: Almighty magic, trained to triumph.

Beginner's Guide

Remember to always check your pack. Equipping the right weapons can make battles easier
When you finished a quest, you will be reward of gold and experience.
Every stage has a types and difficulties. Types of stages are clear,survival.
The greater the difficulty the greater will be your rewards.
Every star in any battle determine your performance such as clear time, highest combo and kill count.
When you finished a battle, you will get EXP, Honor, Gold and Spoils.
Before battle check if equipment needs enhancing. This is a great importance to a warrior. Try enhancing your current equipment.
To enhance equipment just tap the forge icon located at upper right of your screen.
It needs gold to enhance and when you enhanced a equipment. It will have a timer for you to be able to enhance again until the timer will reach zero.
You need to train your fairy to increase it's STR, INT and WIS.
Enhance passive skills in the skills menu. Choosing the right skills can make fighting easier!
Level up to increase combat power and learn nee skills
Learning and level up skills will cost honor.
Raise your combat with zodiac.
Get Honor!Increase rank to get more luna.
The spirits on angel can boost your spirit.
Use Alchemy to make Gold! Cost Number of Gems and Obtain 52400


Arena Battle
Required Level 9
This is where warriors duel to prove their strength, and honor. Hark! There are two Arena modes: Multi-Player Arena, and Single-Player Also. HP is x5 in the arena. Go, challenge an opponent. Group your weapons, and experience the thrill of intense combat.
Spoils: Prestige, Honor, Luna, Lucky Draw.

MP Crusade
Required Level 15
Sealing Hellspawn Morku did not bring peace. Gods and demons never stopped warning. Minions of Morku that escaped fled to the far corners of England. Rise, brave warriors! Defeat the Hellspawn, and bring peace to England.
Spoils: Gold with a small probability of Gems and Honor.

Slot Machine
Required Level 16
Gold! Honor! Blue Diamonds! Luna! Just give it a whirl and get rich overnight! Lady luck favors the bold so what are you waiting for?
Spoils: Honor, Luna, Blue Diamonds, Gold

King Treasure
Required Level 28
As king of England, King Uther collected a range of many rare and stunning treasures for Arthur to inherit. However, many of those are now up for grabs! Those who seek generous rewards and fantastic adventure should join the hunt for treasure!
Spoils: Honor, Blue Diamonds, Skill Pieces, Gems

Monster Siege
Required Level 23
With Hellspawn emerging again, the fae lands were tainted with evil. So England and the fae allied to destroy the forces of darkness.
Spoils: Gold, EXP, Gems

Trial Towers
Required Level: 45
The victorious warriors sealed the hellspawn and their fouled leader here. Adventures venture to this tower for plunder and experience. This is the only place to obtain Runes.
Spoils: Runes
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