Monday, September 23, 2013

CastleMine Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats Android/iOS Game

Castle Mine Guide

Something evil is lurking beneath your castle! Your goal is to dig deep underground and defeat it!

Inside your castle are your summoning stones, These draw the enemies up to you. But watch out, if an enemy touches one it will be destroyed!

Lose them all and it's game over!

How to Build Towers
Select where you want to build on Dirt, Rock and Castle areas. You cannot below the fire.

Digging your Path
Tap the dig icon to dig in that direction. You cannot dig upwards or through the rock or lava.
Every time you dig downwards you enter enemy territory and will release the next wave of enemies!
You cannot dig while are spawning
Digging into Gold deposits will give you an extra 100 gold
Gold is used to build and upgrade defence towers.

CastleMine Tips

  • For a 3 star rating you must collect every skull and kill every enemy!
  • The cost of each type of tower goes up by 20 each time you build
  • You can build towers on top of resources if you don't want to dig them up
  • Support towers give bonuses to defence tower's next to them but diagonally
  • Build land mines by tapping on the path you have dug
  • Lightning towers have short range. They are best placed on bends where they can attack for longer
  • Frost Towers can help slow a fast enemy
  • Shock towers build a charge when not firing. Their first attack is the strongest in the game!
  • 2 damage support towers will have the same effect as 1. The effect does not stack!
  • Sometimes the perfect tower position is on top of a gold deposit. How much is that gold really worth
  • Don't like your skills? Reset them and pick again!
  • Is collecting the skulls too difficult? Collect them later once you have upgraded more skills!
  • Use XP support to quickly get towers to their maximum level, then sell the XP tower!
  • Range support towers can greatly increase the effectiveness of lightning towers!
  • Don't waste support towers. Make them support as many defence towers as possible!
  • Got too much crystal? Buy land mines
  • You cannot place a land mine where another one has already exploded
  • Land mines are great in an emergency but support towers provide longer benefits!
  • Sometimes the difference between defeat and victory is a well-placed support tower
  • You can increase the game speed with the yellow speed button at the top of the screen
  • Are the enemies getting past your defences too quickly? Try digging a longer path